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Doing Credit Repair Yourself Could Make Things Worse!

Fixing Credit Requires Process, Methodology & Speaking The Right Language.


A good credit report is essential for your financial security. At DFW Credit, we understand this all too well and strive to provide reliable credit repair services as well as advice. I do things professionally and waste no time in attending to our customers. Once you contact me, I listen to you and take you through a mandatory process which goes according to the credit bureau

(There are 3 bureaus, Trans Union / Experian / Equifax).


This process involves the following steps:

1. I Verify the accuracy of your information by counterchecking with the bureau. This is because we have to get the facts right before we proceed with the other steps.


2. I verify the accuracy of your debts reported. Occasionally there may be errors in your credit report caused by the ineptitude of the system.


3. I begin by challenging certain things that we may find wrong with the bureau to try and get them removed or resolved. There will be items we challenge that will be resolved right away, others could take time.


4. I will check for identity theft, and make sure that any stolen identity activity is removed from your credit report.


5. I will have to create a financial plan with you to resolve the items on the report that could not be removed. In challenging these issues, not all of them will be removed and the ones that are not removed, we must create a financial plan to resolve those.


6. I will help create a plan for you and offer our referral partners who can now help build your credit. Our partners can build your credit, but we can help you with a plan and align you with them so they can begin to build what we have now repaired for you.


7. I guarantee positive credit and credit score increase, as well as ability to get a credit card or line of credit following our services.


8. You will receive a package from the Credit Bureaus with your updated credit report. You can keep this and share it with to get any questions answered.


Contact me for more information about our services.

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